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PlayGame GY-013 Racing Simulator Seat - Black

Dhs. 1,199.00

If you don't want to play games in the noisy game room, you can experience the most realistic simulated driving experience in your own home, then the gygameseat video game seat is your best choice!

 The gygameseat video game seat is actually a simple racing seat, high-quality hand-made leather, the steel frame of the seat is made of spray-friendly plastic powder, which maximizes the stability, safety and robustness of the seat. . The sliding seat of the car seat is mounted on the bottom of the seat. You can slide the seat forward or backward freely like a real car seat. You don't need to stand up at all, you can easily slide or lock with the push of a button. Live, you can slide forward 140mm and slide back 90mm.

In addition, it is equipped with a gear-mounted mounting bracket that allows you to shift gears like a professional racer and install the transmission of the racing square plate in a stable and safe manner.

 Also equipped with anti-slip carpet for cars, the size of the carpet is 150x 50mm, and the car should be laid under the seat with non-slip carpet. This special custom-made anti-slip carpet is designed to protect the bottom of your video game chair, which can make you Don't worry about rubbing your floor when you enjoy a great racing experience. The surface of the soft board is very soft and can be rolled up quickly and easily for easy storage.

 The steering wheel mounting bracket is compatible with the steering wheel of most racing games on the market, with a new foot pedal mounting reinforcement and free adjustment system. Great comfort and an excellent adjustment system allow all players, even the youngest players, to easily adjust the driver's chair to find the driving style that suits you best.


1.With support of steering wheel , shift knob holder , pedal pad and Floor Mat.

2.The support can be adjustable accordingly height.

3.Material: Leather + steel.


PC, Playstation 2,Playstation 3, Wii, XBox, Xbox 360,Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920,

Thrustmaster T150RS,Thrustmaster T300RS, Thrustmaster TX racing wheel,

Thrustmaster T500RS,Thrustmaster T3PA


Come with steering wheel support, gear knob support, pedal pad support, slider and floor mat

Package dimensions


Package dimensions


Product weight


20" container capacity 

220 set

45" container capacity 

465 set